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Ogrodnictwo Aniela Andrzej Klak is a family company. We specialize in chrysantemum cuttings producion. Our greenhouse is located in Posen, Poland.

In our offer we have chrysantemum varietes form many breeders. Dutch Deliflor, Dekker, Royal Van Zanten, German: Brandkamp, French: Sauve, Bernad (Komodo, Nikita).

Motherstock we aquire from our Partners, as well as, from tissue cultivar. Our production house are equipped in lastes technologies that suport us in every day production, and create best conditions for chrysantemum cuttings. We recyckle water, use LED light, and use natural gas to heat greenhouse.

To keep health our chrysantemum motherstock we steam ground each year.

Chrysantemum cuttings or unrotted chrysantemum cuttings can be delivered by GLS (small amounts, quickes delivery), Mander-Sloot (on CC trolleys), EUR palllet, or by our own transport.

Feel free to contact us if You need help in varieties selection, or if You have any production question.

Best regards,
Aniela Andrzej Klak – owners

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104 tray

Chrysantemum cuttings we sell in 104 trays.
Minimum quantity from varieties – 100 plants.

CC trolley

Chrysantemum cuttings delivered in 104 trays on CC trolley with TAG-5 or without.
Maximum capacity of trolley – 5600 plants.

cartons EUR pallet

Chrysantemum cuttings delivered in 104 trays packed in to cartton and put on EUR pallet.
On one EUR pallet we packed up to 4000 plants. Unrotted cuttings we delivery in special cartons.


Ogrodnictwo Aniela Andrzej Kłak
Sadzonki chryzantem - producent

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61-313 Poznań
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